Canada: All you need to Know

Why Canada?Many people are aware of the fact that Canada is one of the high paced, greatly developed countries in the world. Barack Obama once quoted that:

“The world needs more Canada”

A renowned person saying such things about Canada, makes one actually consider it. Why is it important to know about Canada?  Canada is highly developed and its reverberations are part of its education system too, hence, it is important to know more about this country. Canadian Universities and Colleges stand out in terms of quality education and guidance.  Understanding and experiencing the country while learning boosts you as a person in many ways. Soft skills like language and behaviour are tamed and the top-quality education helps students in being up to date in their fields. Heightening your proficiency with a diploma from Canada is a wise decision too. A quality standard of living and bright possibilities awaits you.

All you need to know about Canada and the reasons it should be on top of your preferences:

  • Budget-friendly education: Canada has a reasonable tuition fee compared to countries like the UK and US. As a result, living in this country is cheaper too.
  • Globally recognised degrees: Canada is home to many top universities worldwide. Hence, it becomes easy for students to get placement in Canada and in other countries.
  • Low unemployment rate: As per the data of March 2022, Canada’s low unemployment rate stands at 5.3%. Thus, it’s easy for the students to find a job after their degree.
  • Immense research opportunities: Canada is an ideal place for those who intend to do research after their degree. Even the Canadian government supports research in various fields: technology, medicine, agriculture, environmental science etc.
  • Cultural diversity: Canada has a massive population of international students. The multicultural environment helps students to adapt to new surroundings quickly.
  • Highly safe country: Canada is one of the safest and most comfortable countries worldwide. Crime rates are low, and the police are easy to approach and trustworthy.
  • Opportunity to earn during the semester: The Canadian rules give international students the right to work part-time during their semester. An international student can work a maximum of 20 hours per week.
  • Stay and work after completing the programme: PWPP (Postgraduate Work Permit Program) of Canada allows students to stay and work in the country for up to three years after completing their course. Thus, students can gain practical exposure and later apply for permanent residency.

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  1. It is no secret that Canada is well-known among Pakistani students for its excellent educational system, which is regarded as one of the best in the world. Aside from world-class facilities and skilled teachers, Canadian colleges provide a picturesque backdrop, the chance to work during or after the course, a pleasant neighbourhood, and unique health care advantages for students. We have made a list of Diploma courses for you. Before that let’s review the benefits of pursuing a diploma in Canada.


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