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Admission Advisors is the largest Canadian student recruitment firm in Pakistan successfully operating since 2004. It has grown to recruit over 6000 students since then with a large chunk of its clientele extending globally to areas like Bangladesh and the Middle East. Our expertise with over 20 years of experience, provide counselling and services extending from academic counselling, application processing, documentation, visa counselling, course enrolments and off and on-campus housing arrangements. Admission Advisors also assists students with University and College transfers, language school placements, assistance with on and off-campus jobs and SAT/IELTS /TOEFL /GMAT and GRE waivers.

With successfully running offices in Pakistan and Canada, Admission Advisors stands as a pioneer in the field of admissions for overseas higher education.

Admission Advisors provides counselling, assists and facilitates students in getting admissions with a wide range of educational programs in various reputable and top Colleges and Universities in Canada.

Admission Advisors’ fundamental aim is to help students to get a quality education for professional development and intellectual growth in a challenging but supportive environment.

Admission Advisors aims to make admissions process hassle-free and swift. With its extensive professional services and guidance. Admission Advisors operates around the ethos of passion towards education and community uplift by:

  • Counselling Students
  • Providing Exposure
  • Social Growth
  • Intellectual Development

Admission Advisors is committed to providing students with the best counselling and overseas admission services. Determined towards this aim, Admission Advisors offers a refund service in case admission is not secured after availing their services.

  • Extensive Counselling
  • Exhaustive Commitment
  • Transparent Policies
  • Point Knowledge

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Transparent Policies

Our policies are clean and crystal clear without any hidden costs.

Comprehensive Guidance

Our policies are clean and crystal clear without any hidden costs.

Complete Plan

We offer complete plans with post-departure accommodation.

Specialised Consultants

Our policies are clean and crystal clear without any hidden costs.


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5000+ Happy Students

I am writing this review from Toronto as I look back at my journey with Admission advisors. From the university application to my visa process and arrival here in Canada, Admission advisors made sure that it was a hassle free ride for me and did everything that needed to be done, just perfectly. Mr. Zaid Rizwan kept me motivated and helped me pull through even though at one point I was not sure I would obtain my visa and had given up hope.
They handled my entire case professionally and gave me the necessary guidance regarding everything. To anyone looking to apply to Canada, admission advisors Islamabad would be the best option available, as they not only make sure you get your desired results, but are also there for you every step of the way.


“Admission Advisors has extended a helping hand that has allowed me to build a strong front to show to Canadian Universities. They have given me proper guidance throughout my time working with them, which has made me presentable in the eyes of international institutions and I couldn’t be more grateful to the team at AA”


“Well thank you team admission advisors. The application process was quite stressful but you guys made it A lot easier. This wouldn’t have been possible without you.”


“Getting accepted into a decent Canadian university was one of my many ambitions, and getting into Dalhousie is like the cherry on top. I am grateful that, with the help admission advisors, it was possible.” You can be the protagonist of your own story. But even they need a little back up to help them with their journey ahead.”


“I am priviledged to get an acceptance from one of the renowned institutes of Canada. In this procedure admission advisors have helped me a lot. Without their help it was difficult to reach this milstone. Special thanks to the hard working team of admission advisors for maiking this all possible. Hoping to have a vibrant life at Trent!” 97% of Trents undergraduates are in work or further study with in just six months of finishing their degrees. With their strong links with industry and top rating for work placements, they know how to help you stand out from the crowd.”


“Getting accepted into Dalhousie was great news for me. Having strived hard to get to the point where I am, I feel that all my hard work has paid off. I’m now able to pursue what I want all for my future and am sure that studying at Dalhousie will be an experience of a lifetime.” You do not stand alone with your success because you’re lifting others as well as yourself. Your achievements help the people around you to believe they can do it too. So don’t stop.”