Welcome to Admission advisors

We are a closely integrated web of trained professionals helping you realize your dreams. With the sole purpose of facilitating you, we render our services in areas like application documentation, visa portfolio, course enrollments & off/on campus residence arrangements. In the process of establishing a trusted network beyond national borders since 2005, Admission Advisors has grown to be one of the top student recruitment and counseling firms in Pakistan.Our exclusive affiliation with a number of reputable institutions in Canada enables us to accommodate students to the fullest. Fitting together in an environment driven by excellence and passion, we become part of your dreams, nurture them with our commitment and watch them become realities.


Pre-Admisson Counselling

Considering ease and convenience as one of our top priorities, our dedicated group of counselors work closely with the students to guide them about admissions, academics and related domains.

  • Academic 
  • Personal 
  • Future employment prospects
  • Long term settlement 

Hassle Free Admissions

Our wide professional network in different countries around the world allows us to get you recruited in your favorite institution. Following are some of the domains that we cover while ensuring that you land in the right institution at the right time:

  •  Application filing and professional document handling.
  • GMAT| IELTS | TOEFL Waivers
  • 100% refund on counseling fees if you are not admitted to the university of your choice. 

Post Admission Services

With the aim to foster long term relations with our customers, we go an extra mile to ensure that following areas are covered even after students have landed in their desired Canadian institution

  • On and off-campus accommodations  
  • Detailed orientation with our counselors in Toronto to get you familiarized with the institution and the country
  • Cell phone and bank account assistance
  • Guidance about future transfer possibilities. 

Our Team

A team of self-motivated individuals driven by one goal of delivering the best while they are at it.

About the Founder

Waqas Chaudry

Waqas Chaudry, our CEO founded Admission Advisors in 2004. He graduated from York University and is well-versed in Canadian admissions and life in Canada. While at York he was student ambassador for Pakistan and since has attended countless seminars and international conferences to this end, most notably ICEF and International Educators Association. With his visionary approach towards admissions and counseling, his in depth first hand knowledge of Canada and his dedication to his work Admission Advisors manages to facilitate countless students and consolidate their futures

He is a pioneer in the field of admissions for higher education, and the driving force behind all his team members endeavors. With his commitment to making a meaningful contribution in the lives of students he is always on the go, willing to go the extra mile for his clients. Here at admission advisors, Waqas runs a tight ship, guiding and mentoring his intelligent and passionate team. He manages to infuse those around him with the confidence and passion that is characteristic of him and has managed to keep admission advisors at the forefront of academic counseling firms.

Our team of Advisors

Success Stories

“Getting an admission for Masters in Canada was something I had been planning for a long time. Thank you to the AA Team for making my long awaited dream come true! Waterloo, here I come!!!” – Attique Sheikh, University of Waterloo

“Thank you guys for all your help, you were a great support and I couldn’t have done it without you. I had a lot of stress in the last few months with exams and your support really helped me.” – Mia Haout,

 “I am very excited about my acceptance to Brock university. I’m very grateful for having this opportunity.” – Hamza Rehan, Brock University

“I am very excited about getting into Ryerson University and University of Guelph. I am grateful for this oppurtunity to study in one of Canada’s best institutes and I thank admission advisor for providing me with this opportunity.” –
Fateh Mumtaz